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We are developing new nanotechnology driven medicines to safely treat and cure serious inflammatory diseases. Our safe new peptide medicines will switch off inflammation, opening the door to a $106 billion market. We are seeking Series A investment of $16m. Find out how you can contribute to this exciting new medical breakthrough here.

new effective and safe treatment for inflammation

Treating inflammation & inflammatory diseases, effectively & safely.

Bridge Biotec is developing a new peptide based nanotechnology that will change the way we treat inflammation and related diseases without any side effects.

Bridge Biotec Limited (“Bridge”) is developing novel therapeutics to safely treat life threatening and disabling inflammatory conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), atopic dermatitis (AD, eczema), psoriasis and burns to cure serious inflammatory diseases.

Inflammation refers to a biological response to stimuli, interpreted by the body to have a potentially harmful effect.  In certain situations, such as after injury, inflammation is a normal response. However, inflammatory diseases result in the immune system attacking the body’s own cells or tissues and may cause abnormal inflammation resulting in chronic pain, swelling, stiffness and damage to normal tissues.

Bridge Biotec’s novel medicines are short proteins (“peptides”) that can be delivered into the human cell using a patented safe nano-polymer delivery technology which have been shown to switch off inflammation in a recognised cellular model.  These short peptides, that will be broken down into simple and naturally occurring amino acids, are highly active and exquisitely specific inflammation blockers, so only tiny doses will be required to cure serious inflammatory diseases.

Bridge is an ambitious company aiming to be revenue-generating within 18 months.



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