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Bridge Biotec's nanotechnology treatments will safely and effectively treat inflammation in skin ailments such as burns, dermatitis and psoriasis as well as inflammation based disorders such as bowel disease, cancer and many more.

Our research and what we do

Bridge Biotec is developing novel, safe and effective treatments for serious inflammatory diseases.

We have licenced two very important components that we plan to combine to form a range of therapies aimed at treating serious inflammatory diseases.

  • Highly potent and highly specific novel peptide (“small protein”) anti-inflammatory therapeutics
  • Safe, nanoparticle delivery polmer, that will take the peptides into human cells and switch off inflammation

By combining these two important components to form its lead compound JEL3108, a new medicine to safely treat the life threatening and disabling inflammatory disease called inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

The Pipeline

Bridge Biotec’s novel medicines are short proteins (“peptides”) that can be delivered into the human cell using a patented safe nano-polymer delivery technology. These short peptides, that will be broken down into simple and naturally occurring amino acids, are highly active and exquisitely specific inflammation blockers, so only tiny doses will be required to cure serious inflammatory diseases.

Our portfolio is focused on developing these novel peptide anti-inflammatories to treat IBD and other serious inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis (AD), burns and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). We have a back-up program looking into the effective management and treatment of acute and chronic dermal wounds.

Bridge will determine and an early efficacy signal in human tissue which will direct the lead program and provide a backup portfolio which significantly de-risk the further development of the lead project while supporting similar future drug developments.

Inflammation is a normal physiological response to a range of harmful stimuli such as irritation, tissue damage or infection and is characterised by redness, swelling and discomfort (pain or itch). Inflammation is part of the body’s innate immune response and usually clears up. However, in some circumstances the inflammatory response does not resolve resulting in chronic inflammation that is the underlying root cause of a number of diseases. We are developing new therapies to such disorders using potent peptide aptamers targeted to key mechanisms in inflammation.

Nano-polymer delivery into the cell

We utilize a highly effective drug delivery system based on a well-described nano-polymer with over 30 years of safe human use. This system rapidly self-assembles with our peptides and “packages” them into nanoparticles. These nanoparticles greatly enhance intracellular delivery into mammalian cells.

Use of this technology allows Bridge to develop therapies against a well-validated target in new ways. It also lets us over-come the limitations of some current therapies by improving drug solubility, cellular delivery and efficacy. Finally, the ability of our nanopolymer system to deliver our peptides in active confirmations into cells opens up exciting new possibilities for “intracellular biologics” capable of tackling attractive approaches to disease treatment that are currently perceived to be “undruggable” by conventional small molecule treatments.


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